Emergency Roof Tarping

Rooftops are also prone to damage when big storms hit or fires happen, and Action Roofing and Windows offers roof-tarping services that waterproof your roof until it can be fixed. When windows break and roofs are leaking, your needs are urgent.

For emergency roof tarping services, call us today at 405-886-4556. We’re available 24/7, 365 days a year.

Additionally, our tarp-over service stops water intrusion caused by structural roof damage. Problems on the roof can be hard to spot without a thorough evaluation. Since the roof could be unstable, especially if the damage is severe, you want to leave the inspection to professionals.

Utilizing proven techniques and the most advanced equipment and supplies, our professional certified crews complete every job right, with an uncompromising commitment to service excellence and customer satisfaction. And we provide real-time status updates to you and your insurance company as the work is being completed. To schedule service any time day or night, Call Us at 405-886-4556.


Roof Tarping After Wind, Hail, Storm or Fire

Falling trees, fire, high wind and hail storms often cause roof damage. Safety should your primary concern. Initial roof assessment should be completed from the ground as damage is not always visible. If you suspect damage to your shingles or structure, contact a professional immediately.

Vacate the premises in the event of major roof damage.

Tarping the roof will prevent secondary damage while the roof is inspected and repaired. Action Roofing and window provides emergency roof tarp installation to prevent further damage. When disaster strikes, Action Roofing and Windows is ready to respond immediately with your roof tarping needs, Call Us at 405-886-4556.

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